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Commission maintains its softly, softly approach on net neutrality (whilst carrying big stick)

Net neutrality. A topic that stirs strong emotion and strident commentary that sometimes bears little resemblance to the underlying issues. The European Commission today published a remarkably thoughtful, balanced and considered Communication on the open internet and net neutrality in … Continue reading

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Does it add up: who will pay for network investment?

Today post is a guest post from John Enser and Matt Phillips, and is the executive summary of Chapter 2 (‘Pipes’) of their 2011 Convergence Survey: The fundamental issue of how to deliver content and services is one that continues to … Continue reading

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Is BT’s wholesale content connect the end of the world?

There has been a lot of discussion this week of BT’s wholesale content connect product, so I thought it would be helpful to unpack the story and explore exactly what BT’s product is (and is not), and what the views … Continue reading

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