Myanmar announces 12 Pre-Qualified Applicants for telecoms licences

Following its evaluation of applications, the Government of Myanmar today announced 12 pre-qualified applicants for the two national telecoms licences being allocated by tender:

  • Axiata Group
  • Bharti Airtel
  • China Mobile and Vodafone Group
  • Digicel Group
  • France Telecom / Orange
  • KDDI Corp and Sumitomo Corp
  • Millicom International Cellular
  • MTN Dubai
  • Ooreedo (aka Qatar Telecom)
  • Singtel, KBZ and M-Tel
  • Telenor
  • Viettel

That means that of the 22 who submitted a pre-qualification application (it was rumoured that over 90 were part of the pre-qualification stage) 10 were not successful.  

At the same time the Government issued its invitation to tender, which includes a draft licence. Applicants now have until 29 April to submit questions on the tender and comment on the licence. Responses will be made by 13 May and the responses to the tender are due by 3 June. Although the timetable seems ambitious, the current plan is for the winning bidders to be announced on 27 June.

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Telecommunications, media and technology lawyer advising companies across Europe and Asia
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