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Setting fixed termination rates for all UK operators benchmarked to BT’s cost-orientated termination rates appropriate SMP remedy say Ofcom

It is a logical quirk of the European telecoms regulatory system that the provision of call termination is a regulated activity for all Communications Providers – however small. This quirk comes about because rather than just regulating the big ugly … Continue reading

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RIM and Google compete to acquire Nortel’s patents

Readers with long memories will remember Nortel’s glory days of the 1990s, when it expanded rapidly by supplying equipment on the back of significant investment in competitive telecoms networks unleashed by the first wave of telecoms market liberalisation. It was badly hit by … Continue reading

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Commission maintains its softly, softly approach on net neutrality (whilst carrying big stick)

Net neutrality. A topic that stirs strong emotion and strident commentary that sometimes bears little resemblance to the underlying issues. The European Commission today published a remarkably thoughtful, balanced and considered Communication on the open internet and net neutrality in … Continue reading

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Europe to review data retention rules

Readers will recall from the curious case of Mr Spitz that European telecoms operators already retain very large amounts of information about their customers. In an evaluation report adopted today by the European Commission, the Commission proposes to review the existing rules. … Continue reading

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UK implementation of revised EU telecoms (electronic communications) framework published

The UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (and although not in the title, telecoms) today published its response to the consultation on implementation of the revised EU electronic communications framework in the UK. In contrast to the original introduction … Continue reading

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Fujitsu announces UK FTTH roll-out to 5 million homes

In today’s connected world a lot of what passes for news is more of a rolling update – a snippet of new information that is not terribly unexpected. However, today’s announcement by Fujitsu that it is planning to deploy a … Continue reading

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UK Government publishes plan for smart meter rollout

Whilst the Watcher was on holiday, the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change published a series of documents on 30 March: Smart Metering Implementation Programme: response to prospectus consultation – overview Data access & privacy – Smart Metering Implementation … Continue reading

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European Commission tries to marshal stakeholders for World Radiocommunications Conference 2012

The European Commission published on 6 April a Communication on policy objectives for the International Telecommunications Union World Radiocommunications Conference 2012 (WRC 12). WRC 12 is the next quadrennial meeting of governments and other stakeholders to coordinate international spectrum policy and to update the Radio Regulations. … Continue reading

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Spectrum, broadband, customer switching and online piracy Ofcom’s telecoms priorities for 2011/12

I hope all readers noticed the date for Friday’s blog post (taken down on 2 April) and are not planning on bidding in the teleportation spectrum auction. Avoiding the obvious pitfall of announcing anything serious on 1 April, Ofcom today … Continue reading

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