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UK wholesale broadband access proposed charge control: Ofcom estimates BT’s weighted average cost of capital downwards to between 8.5% and 10%

Ten days ago Ofcom published a lengthy consultation on charge control for Wholesale Broadband Access, accompanied by a report from the Brattle Group on BT’s equity beta. Wholesale broadband access is the ‘current generation’ (i.e. primarily DSL) wholesale broadband access … Continue reading

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LinkedIn announces first social media IPO of 2011: hype or sustainable business model?

It is a sign of the changing times that I learnt about LinkedIn’s IPO through twitter last night, and that LinkedIn itself blogged about it.  Seasoned IPO watchers will be aware that process has been started with the filing of their … Continue reading

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Funding content, funding networks: what matters?

On 16 February we will be hosting an event for the UK Chapter of the International Institute of Communications. The event’s title is ‘Funding content, funding networks: what matters?’ and will be addressing the perceived disconnect between content creators and … Continue reading

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Will Apple’s move into NFC mobile payment reshape industry alliances?

My eye was caught today by a story on TechCrunch (an excellent blog BTW) that Apple may incorporate near field communications technology (NFC) into its next generation of devices, thereby enabling ‘real’ payments on the move. For those confused as to the difference between mobile payment … Continue reading

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Smart meters: intelligently connecting to a lower carbon future

I am awaiting with interest the response of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Ofgem to their consultation on implementing smart metering in the UK. In a joint open letter sent on 9 December they promised a detailed … Continue reading

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Cognitive radio: the road to mobile broadband delivery, or the path to anarchic interference?

For those who are not familiar with the term, cognitive radio (also sometimes described as white-space radio) describes a way of using radio spectrum in which unlicensed devices do not use particular assigned frequencies but rather constantly assess the available spectrum, determine … Continue reading

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UK telecoms policy moves government department as proposals for new Communications Act announced

In a week of Westminster resignations, with Andy Coulson accused of condoning mobile voicemail hacking and Ed Balls taking over as Chancellor you may be forgiven for having missed a couple of lower-key announcements. With Vince Cable professionally embarrassed from … Continue reading

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Mobile broadband event: net neutrality, mobile content, network capacity and handsets

Regular blog readers will know that I hosted a mobile data event for Cambridge Wireless yesterday. I found the event thought-provoking. For those on twitter, I attempted do a near-live tweet commentary of other speakers which you can find at @rbratby between … Continue reading

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Vertical integration the industrial logic for M&A: Vivendi / SFR and Comcast / NBC Universal

My eye was caught last night by a story in the Financial Times this morning reporting analyst speculation that in the wake of the approvals of the US Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice for the purchase of 51% of NBC Universal by Comcast, which … Continue reading

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Financial technology, cloud, mobile data and social networking will drive deals and valuation multiples in technology sector

As a new blogger, site statistics are a source of endless fascination.  They are however useful – my post on TMT valuation multiples seems to have been wildly popular, so I thought it worthwhile to trawl through some other reports … Continue reading

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