Creative commons – open source for blogs

It’s Christmas eve and I have spent the morning digging out paths from snow.

As a lawyer you might think that I would have had a well-developed intellectual property strategy for this blog but in a demonstration of why cobblers children are always the worst shod I have gone from ignoring it entirely, via knee-jerk reservation of rights to a strategy that I think will work.

I started by saying nothing at all.

Then having written a couple of posts I defaulted to standard copyright notice. Of course the problem with that approach is that (for those who care, and I am finding that fellow bloggers do) it might rather inhibit non-commercial linking, reuse and discussion.

Professionally I am of course familiar with the various flavours of open source software licences, so it didn’t take too long to find the various creative commons licences, and I have now properly licensed this blog. (unless of course anyone wants to tell me otherwise).

Merry Christmas.

About Rob Bratby

Telecommunications, media and technology lawyer advising companies across Europe and Asia
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