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Korea leads the world with cloud law encouraging cloud use

On 3rd March 2015, Korea passed the world’s first cloud-specific law, with the stated aim of driving the adoption of cloud computing in Korea. But what are the practical implications for cloud customers and cloud services providers in Korea?   This … Continue reading

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UK withdraws proposed updates to the Electronic Communications Code

On 22 January 2015, the UK Government withdrew its proposed changes to the Electronic Communications Code. As the changes were unexpected, more time for consultation is not entirely unwelcome. However, as the changes in large part were positive, I hope … Continue reading

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Will ISO 27018 help cloud customers to comply with Singapore’s data protection laws?

A key challenge for organisations who want to use cloud services is to do so in a way that is compliant with the organisations’ obligations under data protection laws. This guest post by Matt Hunter (@matthew1hunter) and Daniel Jung explains … Continue reading

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Are Singapore’s Monetary Authority’s proposed outsourcing rules clear enough?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore  (“MAS“) is consulting on a new notice and guidelines on outsourcing. Having already commented on its positive message for cloud services, this post addresses the rest of the consultation. In summary, we think: MAS’s proposals are generally positive and helpful. However, … Continue reading

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MAS Embraces Cloud: A Silver Lining

There should be relief at the moment felt by financial institutions and cloud service providers alike, following the release of the MAS’s consultation on the proposed new outsourcing notice and updated guidelines as mentioned in Rob’s previous post. The MAS doesn’t … Continue reading

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